Taiwan Society of Pathology

The Taiwan Division of the International Academy of Pathology

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The Taiwan Society of Pathology was established in 1967

Taiwan is an island country, also known as Formosa. The population now is approximately twenty three millions and there are ten medical schools. The field of pathology was originally founded by the Japanese school of pathology and later greatly transformed by the American school of pathology. Currently, there are 271 active pathologists working throughout the hospitals in Taiwan. The Taiwan Society of Pathology was established in 1967 and the pathology board certification began in 1989. In view of the rapid progress in modern pathology and the importance of interaction with regional and international pathology organizations for exchange of knowledge and ideas, the Council of the Taiwan Society of Pathology decided to apply for the establishment of the IAP Taiwan Division to participate in the activities of the IAP. The application for the establishment of the Taiwan Division of the IAP was submitted to the headquarter of the IAP in December 2003. The application was endorsed by the IAP Executive Committee held in Vancouver, Canada in March, 2004 during 93rd USCAP Annual Meeting and was finally approved by the IAP Council Meeting held in Brisbane, Australia on October 10, 2004 during the 25th International Congress of the IAP. The Taiwan Division is also a member of the Asian Pacific IAP. The newly established division will actively participate in the academic activities of the IAP and welcome any IAP members to visit Taiwan for exchange of ideas and views.