2016 ESP-IAP Congress September 25-29 in Cologne Germany




*2016 Cologne IAP International Bursaries application:

(1) Resident/trainees apply through the Congress website at http://www.esp-congress.org/bursaries.html

(2) Non-resident/trainees (Junior and Senior Pathologists from underserved countries) apply through the IAP Secretary as per the guide below:

Applicants should be non-European IAP members below the age of 45, should be based at a pathology laboratory in a low resource, underserved country and must have an abstract at the Congress or be presenting.  A small number of bursaries are available for applicants above 45.  Each Bursary is worth US $1,500 minus 200 EUR for registration with the Congress.  Registration will be paid in bulk by the Central IAP.

Applications should be submitted to the Assistant Secretary of IAP at secretary@iapcentral.org and should consist of:

1. A letter of intention; 

2. 2 letters of reference; 

3. An abstract (which must be separately submitted to the Congress Scientific Committee);

4. A short C.V. with age; 

5. Proof of residence (e.g. passport, citizen card) 

6. Deadline for applications : April 28, 2016